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Chris Kael’s Cure for Covid Handmade Junker Vests.



Chris Kael has taken the cancellation of the Fall tour and is turning it into a positive! Since he won’t be able to deliver this vest on tour, he is grabbing a small crew, hopping on his motorcycle and bringing these vests directly to you! That’s right - Chris Kael is hand delivering his vests directly to you! There are a limited amount of these vests available; so, grab yours before they are gone! Delivery may require you to drive to the nearest metropolitan city if you are deep in the backwoods and hollers; but, every effort will be made to get Chris and his vests as close to you as possible (in a city with an arena where you would normally drive to see a concert). Chris is incredibly excited to turn the negatives of having to cancel a tour due to Covid-19 into a positive opportunity to provide an AMAZING new fan experience done only as Chris Kael can! See you with vest in hand in early October!